4th. Asian International Athletics Coaching Workshop (AIC-ACCS Level 1, Level 2 Coach Course)  in Tokyo

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Participants for AIC Level 1 and Level 2 coach course coaches : 47

(Japan 15, Singapore 6, Hong Kong 13, Taiwan 8, Malaysia 1, Korea 2, China 2)

Participants for youth Instructor course students : 24

Organization Staff : 10

Photo review 2023 Tokyo JAPAN
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3rd. Asian International Athletics Coaching Workshop (AIC-ACCS Level 1 Coach Course)  in Singapore

2nd. Asian International Athletics Coaching Workshop (AIC-ACCS Level 1 Coach Course)  in Tokyo

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1st. Asian International Athletics Coaching Workshop (AIC-ACCS Level 1 Coach Course)  in Singapore

The first overseas seminar since the establishment of AIC was held in Singapore on April 30th.

This was done as part of a certified coach workshop organized by the Singapore Athletics Association.

On the 29th, 4 people were nominated by AIC officials and prepared for the Level 1 Coach Course.

On the day of the Level 1 Coach Course, a total of 27 people participated in the workshop, including 20 Singapore coaches, 4 Hong Kong coaches, and 3 assistant lecturers from the previous day.

The lecturer was Mr. Hirokazu Kobayashi, Chairman of the Board of AIC Headquarters, and he is an experienced senior coach who has been involved in IAAF and JAAF coach education for many years.

The contents of the workshop included an overview of AIC and an introduction to the future, lectures on basic coaching skills, practical training on coaching eyes and technical models, and demonstration skills including interpersonal evaluation.

This interpersonal evaluation system is a unique method of AIC-ACCS, finally all of them have been certified as AIC-ACCS Level 1 Coaches.

Asian Inter-Clubs Athletics Alliance

 AIC was established in 2022 as a voluntary friendship organization for the purpose of developing club athletics in Asian countries and regions and promoting exchange opportunities for the purpose of improving the quality of coaches and athletes.  We will conduct free exchange activities that transcend the boundaries of countries and federations. 

 Headquartered in Japan, we will manage the Japanese athletics club organization and create opportunities for information sharing and exchange with all member clubs. Similarly, AICs in each country and region build networks in their respective positions.

It is necessary for each country and region to understand this purpose. This textbook is the first step.  Let's turn the developmental vision into a more realistic one through repeated discussions among member countries.


I am very pleased to welcome the publication of AIC Advanced Coaching Certification System. I am convinced that this book, which contains latest understanding of the sports science and coaching practice, will have a very positive impact on the development of coaches. The innovative, competence-based approach taken through these pages truly moves coaching theory into coaching practice.

The work of qualified coaches is essential to the development of athletics as teaching is always a task of responsibility. Finally, I would like to thank the authors for their experienced opinions and conscientious work, and I sincerely hope Asian countries will achieve great development through AIC in the future.


                      Kazuhiko SAKUMA

President, Asian Inter-Clubs Athletics Alliance




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